GBC would like to thank its congregation for their involvment with the Resurrection on trial. The following are officially on the record for helping:

Ron and Joan Bower (and crew)
Ushers and Greeters
Gert Banning
Ron / Joan Bower
John Bult
Dan Conklin
Nancy Chase
Chuck / Marty Davis
Mary Dunn
Tom / Nancy Hoekstra
Doris Holmberg
Pat Hornbeck
Jeff Karnes (stage set -- Set up / tear down crew)
Archie / Lidora Kliewer (Prayer Team)
Ken Koetsier
Nancy Klomparens ( + Ted Morter / Covenant Village Group, etc.)
Nancy Leek
Kathy Marshall
Jack / Elaine McIntyre
Jack / Karri McIntyre
Jan Potter
Joe / Sarah Reagan
Bill / Rochelle Roe
Sara Jane Weaver
Doug / Barb Wood
Dale / Gail Zieger
Doug Zwygehuisen